Sagaing Division The Chindwin Attack Force’s Monywa District Battalion 2 fired heavy artillery shells at the police station and district office in Yinmarpin Township from February 12 to 14, injuring at least 30 soldiers, according to the Chindwin Attack Force.

At around 1 am on 12 February, more than 40 artillery shells were fired from five months ago. On 13 February, more than 30 artillery shells were fired. On the 14th, more than 50 artillery shells were fired and drones were fired from the air.

The Chindwin Attack Force says at least 30 members of the military council were injured in the three attacks.Khit Thit Media
Video credit – Chindwin Attack Force

The Chindwin Attack Force attacked the Yinmarpin police station and district office with heavy weapons and ammunition. Drone strikes; At least 30 soldiers may be injured (TV)

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