Sagaing Division Sagaing Township A fighter jet crashed in Ye Myat Gyi Inn around 11 am today, locals told Rangoon Times.

“A fighter jet crashed into the inn. At around 11 this morning, I heard three explosions. I could not see anything in the middle of the inn, but I was looking for another plane,” said a local.

Another Sagaing resident told the Rangoon Times that “ambulances and fire trucks went in front of Sare village and the plane crashed.”

Some military sources said there were reports of a fighter jet crashing, but it was not immediately clear if the crash was caused by a malfunction. The crashed fighter jet was said to be a Nanchang A-5C Fantan, made in China.

The military council said an army fighter jet crashed at 10:43 a.m. today. The pilot has been rescued. Khit Thit Media
Photo: Burmese Army Nanchang A-5C Fantan fighter jet.

Breaking News- A Chinese-made A-5 fighter jet crashes in Ye Myat Gyi Inn, Sagaing Division. Army reports that the machine broke down

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