Tangse, Sagaing Division In Ywa Shay (Ma) village, a mine was planted while crossing the bridge today. Nearly 20 soldiers were killed and eight others were injured when a mine exploded in a ravine, according to the Tangse PDF.

On 11 February, eight soldiers were killed by a landmine planted by members of the military council. Soldiers’ bodies were cremated. After that, 39 houses in Paung Kya village were set on fire.

Today, while leaving Kapaungkya village, heavy artillery shells entered Ywa Shay (Ma) village and landmines were planted on the bridge. Nearly 20 people were killed and several others were injured in the blast. Residents said that the wounded military council troops entered Ywa Shay (Ma) village and set fire to houses.

“The whole army is fleeing because of the influx of wounded soldiers. They are firing with heavy weapons and houses are being set on fire,” said a villager.

Photo: Landmine casualties in Tangse Township this evening. Ywa Shay (Ma) village being set on fire.Khit Thit Media

Stop Dam In Ywar Shay village, a mine was planted while crossing a bridge when it fell into a creek, killing nearly 20 people. Eight killed in Kachin massacre

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