“Teacher, if you shoot us, will you buy a non-stop gun?”The complainant was Sai Ko Lay, a revolutionary comrade from Pearl Division, Sagaing Division, who was armed with weapons against the coup d’état.

Their comrades said that comrades like Sai Ko wanted guns to be fired and wanted to be more effective in saving lives.

“When they have to go to war, guerrilla warfare means that we must first try not to lose our lives, not to kill our enemies,” he said. If we run away, how can we protect the people? “We have already lost our lives to eradicate them as soon as possible,” he said.

On 10 February, about 80 military council troops marched from Kanpauk village in Pearl Township through the southern part of Tanai village through the palm groves north of Kyauk Kone village, and were intercepted by the Black Tiger guerrillas.

Black leopards, including Sai Ko, on the other side of the dam, fought for 45 minutes with handguns in the middle of the drive. The comrades had to advance forward within range of the handgun. Only then could the enemy armies be hit.

“We can not stand the enemy for a long time because the enemy just came out with just one bend in his hand. You can not meet for a long time because you put one shot back on this side. We had to retreat, ”said the Black Leopard leader.Two members of the local Black Leopard Army were killed and two others were captured in the fighting.

Four military council soldiers were killed in the clashes. They can confirm that four people were killed and many more were injured, ”said a Black Leopard member.

17-year-old Sai Ko and 18-year-old Chit San Maung, both members of the Black Leopard Squad, were killed and two others were arrested.

Ko Htet Min Lwin and Ko Chit Moe Naing, two 17-year-old detainees, were found brutally tortured and killed by the military council.

“The two arrested brothers were tortured to death,” he said. They broke their arms and legs. One was shot in the head. Another was found dumped in the abdomen, ”said the leader of the Black Leopard Squad.

The four fallen comrades were cremated at 2 pm today and a memorial stone will be erected for them.The parents of the fallen comrades were proud of their sons, said a Black Leopard member who met their parents.

Since its inception, the Black Leopard Brigade has joined forces with local rebel forces to fight the military council, killing a total of six people and clearing more than 50 of them.A Black Leopard Squadron leader said he was “deeply saddened” by the loss of comrades and was unable to retaliate.

“We are now the second mothers and fathers of our comrades, so we are very saddened by their deaths,” he said. They have not even fired the revolver they want, ”he said.

The leader of the Black Tiger Force also called on the people and youth of other areas under the military dictatorship to follow the example of the young comrades from Sagaing Division who are fighting for their lives and to join the revolution.

“If everyone participates, the revolution will end quickly. There will be many intimate lives. “But the freedoms and freedoms we have in the future are huge.”

Young comrades from Pearl District who gave their lives for the revolution

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