A spokesman for the People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA), Brigadier General Japan, said they had purchased weapons and ammunition capable of firing even war helicopters and tanks.

He said he also bought sniper rifles and some other weapons, including M16 bullets, for a total value of about 30 million kyats.”16 M bullets and ammunition for this weapon. I ordered a sniper rifle. This bullet has a range of about 2,000 meters.

Bullets are very strong. The bullet is big. More than 300 guns were dropped. I have about 100 at hand. The item has arrived. “It simply came to our notice then.

He added that the purchase was made in order to fight back as the military council set fire to some villages around their base and bombed them with helicopters.

“In Patchalay villages on that side, the military council set fire to the villages. By plane and by whiskey. “They fired bombs, and because of that they had to buy these weapons to shoot down those planes.”

The PRA is a regional defense force fighting the military council in Magway and Sagaing divisions. Two soldiers were killed when they stormed a military council camp in Inma Htee village and trained Pyu Saw Htee’s troops.
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The PRA says it has purchased weapons that can shoot down warplanes and tanks

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