Yangon Division At the Central Civil Service University in Hlegu Township, Phaunggyi, the military council has restricted the use of social media by staff and family members, and police are investigating mobile phones in violation of privacy, staff told the Rangoon Times.

At present, the whole school at Phaunggyi Central Civil Service University (Lower Burma) is under siege and the whole school is closed. Police have been deployed inside the school and are inspecting staff. Police have also announced restrictions on the use of social media, and police are cracking down on mobile phones to prevent the use of Facebook and VPNs.

“Currently, the largest staff in the Central Civil Service University (Phaunggyi) in Lower Burma is the Chief of Staff and the Deputy Chief of Staff, and no one is allowed to enter the entire school as a lockdown for a limited number of days.

After the search, they asked who their son or daughter was and where they were from. Employees and their families are also being asked to sign documents and submit them.

“The contents of the document are that the current civil servants are being asked to sign a letter threatening to stay out of contact with CDM staff and not to share political posts on Facebook,” said one of the trainees.

It is learned that Kovis is currently being held at Phaunggyi University without any rest.”In spite of all these covids, we have been given military training in the hot sun, and more time is spent training and shooting than during school hours,” a trainee told the Rangoon Times.

The Fascist Fascist Council is transforming Central Civil Service Universities in Lower Burma and Upper Burma into staff training camps.Khit Thit Media

At Phaunggyi Central Civil Service University, the military has restricted the use of social media by staff and family members, and mobile phones can be checked. Kovis infected with drills

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